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Creativity For All

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Adobe x Keith Haring sparks a new wave of creativity for positive change 

Art is now often hidden inside museums, created and curated by an elite. The technological era offers us the opportunity to revive art as a functional medium — to expose different perspectives, to analyse the human condition and ultimately bring about positive social change.

So how can we stimulate our community to use creativity to tell otherwise untold stories?

Keith Haring was more than an artist, he used his deceptively simple style to fight stigma, challenge perceptions and ultimately, make the world a better place. Inspired by his work, Adobe has launched a new campaign “Creativity For All”, to start a new movement of art for positive change.

Adobe has digitized Keith’s tools, based on his favourite marker, piece of chalk and graffiti paint and made them available in Photoshop, Illustrator and Fresco — inviting a new generation to use creativity to raise awareness for social topics they care about.

The campaign film — a vibrant and fresh example of creativity in quarantine — was a collaboration between Adobe, agency Achtung! Amsterdam and aspiring artist and film director Dima Maseykin, represented by Bakehouse production in Moscow. The animation combines his unique style with the spirit of the 80s. The result is a modern aesthetic designed to reach the creative audiences of today.

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