Rebranding the biggest online auction platform



Find your next treasure on Catawiki

Founded in 2008, Catawiki has grown into a worldwide marketplace for special objects. But it’s more than just a place of transaction; at Catawiki, knowledge & passion meet. The current brand and experience didn't reflect that. So Catawiki was looking to bring their brand, communications and experience to the next level.

A digital brand at its core

With so much of the experience happening on the digital platform it was key to develop a brand that doesn't just live in ads. A digital first identity was developed in parallel with a complete redesign of the digital touchpoints. We've put Catawiki experts front and centre, positioning them as the guardian of their specific categories. User insights and one-to-one user testing throughout the entire process and the close cooperation of the Catawiki and dentsuACHTUNG! teams resulted in a user-friendly and inspiring environment.

A flexible design system

We've introduced a flexible design system, working with color specific object categories, translated seamlessly from print to digital. The window is the most iconic part of our visual identity and invites you to step inside, discover and find the story and objects that reflects you. We also use a distinctive mix between sans serif and serif typography to reflect knowledge and passion, combined with openness and trustworthiness.

Animated design language

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Photography of experts and objects

The art direction of photography is true to Catawiki's mission and proposition. It conveys the openness, reliability, expertise and passion that drives the brand.

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