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Crisp Case Study

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Crisp is the new standard in online grocery shopping.

Offering fresh quality products you would normally get from different locations, brought together in one place, delivered to your doorstep.

Good food brought to you.

For really good quality products, you usually have to buy from a specialty shop, the farmer’s market or directly from a farmer. Many people who are willing to spend more effort/money on good quality food, often don’t have the time to do so. Crisp eliminates the steps between producer and consumer to deliver the best quality fresh food at a fair price.

A playful and dynamic identity.

Together with the Crisp team, we created a brand identity that looks premium but also feels accessible. Because Crisp offers the best quality products, we created a design system that breathes quality through elegant typography and photography. At the same time, we used joyful colours and a playful illustration language.

Moving from the butcher to the farmers market in just a few taps.

Crisp offers an array of products through one mobile application. All hand-picked, based on quality and knowledge of the supplier.

As fresh as fresh can be.

Only that what is ordered is being collected from the several suppliers on the morning of the delivery to ensure maximum freshness when it reaches your doorstep.

A continuously fluctuating product offering based on seasonality causes some products to not be available on certain days which brings unique problems and solutions to the table.