A digital showroom

Fabienne Chapot

Fabienne Chapot

Accessibility meets exclusivity.

Fabienne Chapot got famous for its outspoken prints. How do you grow a brand that thrives by exclusivity?

Fabienne Chapot creates items with stand-out prints, but if applied on too many items, you instantly lose the feeling of uniqueness and personality. How do we expand the brand for a bigger audience without becoming too mainstream?

Just add Fabienne Chapot

Fabienne Chapot should be the one iconic item in every woman’s wardrobe. Its products are the antidote to Scandinavian fashion and brighten up any occasion worn to. And thus, we believe every woman should have it.

Embodying the bold and modern women.

Creating an overall look & feel and shopping experience for the Fabienne Chapot’s women.

From visual identity to photography direction, we created a digital showroom for the brand, giving the space for the iconic patterns to shine. To do so, we balanced a clear design with unexpected details, creating delighting surprises for the user

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