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Into The Frame

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Into the Frame

Over the years Porsche Netherlands had completely gone out of touch with their classic driving user base. Many classic drivers choose to go to specialist dealers over the official dealerships for maintenance. So Porsche Netherlands had only a vague estimate of how many classic Porsches were actually out there and no way to establish contact with them for deals or offers.

Reunite classic drivers with the official Porsche dealer

By showing them that Porsche Netherlands isn’t just focused on new models but also cares about the classic user base. 

We spread the word amongst classic Porsche drivers about something they’ve always wanted to have but were never able to get.

Together with car photographer David de Jong we put word out that classic drivers could get a professional photo of them behind the wheel of their Porsche. 

All photos were combined into a book: a collection of all classic Porsches still driving in the Netherlands. A book you want your classic Porsche to be in. And of course, we put their own Porsche (the most beautiful classic Porsche there is) on the cover.

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