MIND Mobility

MIND Mobility

PON – Mind The City

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From 130.000 cars to 3 interactive experiences.

MIND connects 130,000 cars to provide unique insights for drivers, companies and cities. We created a physical installation so playful, even kids can understand the powerful ways MIND moves the city.

Making data playful, tangible and meaningful for all

The important thing for exhibit visitors to understand about MIND was not the data itself, but the story behind the data.

With the installation, we turned data into art by using hand crafted buildings made from recycled materials, and real connected cars to tell the story of how MIND’s insights improve the quality of life for Amsterdam’s citizens.

Complex technology tells three simple stories

The MIND installation connects a beautiful, living and connected model of Amsterdam city center to live data from 160000 cars.

A sensor packed physical model of Amsterdam tracks the movement of automated slot cars as they drive through the city. Projection mapping, custom sound design and live car data combine to tell three stories about road quality, slippery roads and parking.

Deeper than data

While the installation is packed with intricate technology, our goal was always to turn MIND’s data into a work of art.

Every element of the installation is designed to create a sense of wonder and intrigue, something the data alone could not achieve. By focusing on the experience, we were able to share futuristic stories in a playful, accessible way.


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