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Pack is the new on-demand job community.

With a native app for those seeking temporary work and a responsive platform for those hiring, Pack takes care of everything from matchmaking to payments.

The new standard in temporary job matchmaking.

We worked together with small business owners and students to design a new way of working. Through social engineering and the power of community, we aim to build a better workforce. From business modelling to brand identity, and from product design to launch campaign, we created a new business in 6 months.

Pack puts the employer in control.

Our responsive platform enables small businesses to create jobs, hire students, pay and communicate with them, all in one centralised place. Small businesses no longer need to rely on outdated recruitment agencies to find temporary staff.

Helping to find the perfect match.

Our matching algorithm recommends top candidates that match your job requirements, so employers can immediately start recruiting after creating their first job.

No more waiting for incoming applications. Pack’s recommendation engine allows employers to proactively send job invites.

Create your own trusted flexpool.

Happy with someone you've hired? Add them to your flexpool to easily work with them again and again.
Let your trusted flex pool know about upcoming jobs and quickly fill shifts without any reviewing.

Zero paperwork. Zero Stress.

Hiring is hassle free and paperless - Employers simply enter their billing details and start hiring. Pack takes care of the rest.

We've digitised complex processes like contracts, taxes and payrolling so you can hire without hassle and only pay for hours worked.

All you need is one app.

We designed native iOS and Android applications so job seekers can find a job, apply, get hired and get paid.

Every step of the user journey is personalised with relevant and timely reminders and delightful animations.

Know who you work with.

Pack's central belief is that work is a social activity. Our social features ensure you always work with the right people.

We use social reviews, showing who you'll be working with, and allow applicants to choose their own boss.

The inbox & managing your salary.

Pack's inbox allows employers and staff to keep each other updated or plan shifts in one centralised place. And when a shift's completed, employees automatically get paid through the app.

Pack is more than just a job board. It facilitates the entire working experience.

Aligning story & service.

Our process consisted of a brand and service design track running in parallel. From initial strategic positioning and identity, to product & campaign design.

Designing every aspect of the service and the story meant that we could seamlessly align features from the digital product to communication, and have the campaign ready when we launched the MVP.

Identity for the social space.

We designed an animated character set which we use to delight employers and employees at key moments in their user journeys.

We take humor seriously. We turn relatable moments from the job market into funny animations that tie together the app, branding and campaign.

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