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Drive more, get more

We believe that every Porsche is build to be driven, not just to be looked at. With Porsche24 we reward every kilometre in order to get more Porsches on the road and inspire users to truly experience the Porsche lifestyle.

A ticket to the world of Porsche.

The Porsche24 app opens up the world of Porsche. You can get access to surprise events, special training programs and exclusive Porsche trips.

The app handles the sign-up, ticketing and payment right in the app.

Make miles, get rewarded

The app rewards every mile it’s users drive with points. These points can be used to unlock higher levels that contain exclusive Porsche privileges and benefits.

Take your Porsche out on the road

The perfect route is a mixture of the right amount of curves, ideal road conditions and the best scenery you can find.

We’ve scanned every road possible to present our users with a set of exciting routes that can take them anywhere. From a curvy country road to a legendary pass in the Alps.

Get surprised with special badges.

The app keeps track of your the kilometres you drive, the training you completed, the events you’ve visited and the cars you own.

For each occasion, we’ve created special badges that surprise you with specific rewards. We used traditional Porsche colours to make all badges look coherent and familiar; staying true to Porsche’s heritage.

Experience based CRM

To improve the relationship between drivers and the dealerships in the Netherlands, we created a dashboard that allows them to create events, create personal invites and keep track of the best performing drivers.

Invitation for all the drivers

To introduce Porsche drivers to the program, we delivered a personal package with an invitation and their first Porsche magazine.


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