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Introducing KPN SuperWifi.

When it comes to wifi there is only one universal truth: it has to work. KPN is constantly improving the quality of its network, also at the homes of their customers. That is why they introduce SuperWifi which provides Wifi in every corner and room of your home.

Create awareness for the new SuperWifi proposition of KPN.

When it comes to WiFi there is only one universal truth: it has to work. You want to be able to stream, Facetime and use the internet everywhere in the house. Particularly when you want to withdraw yourself for a moment to the corners of your house, away from your family. Especially your parents. Normal wifi sometimes just isn’t enough. That’s why KPN introduces SuperWifi.

Finally. Super good wifi everywhere in the house.

In the campaign we show how SuperWifi creates new hide-outs in your home, you now can really make your own and keep on doing what you love. Escaping family interference.

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