Powerful Connections



Vera's First Concert

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Powerful Connections.

With Powerful Connections, Vodafone wants to show how (mobile) technology has a positive influence on peoples' lives. To present the wide variety of projects that this umbrella holds in one place, we created a custom responsive platform.

Sultan & Ernest

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How can we use the power of technology to create life-changing experiences?

With #Firsts, Vodafone wants to empower people to experience things for the first time and document their stories.

A truly made-to-measure piece

Meet Vera. Deaf since birth, but recently being able to hear, thanks to an innovative Cochlear Implant (CI) that sends sound waves directly into her brain. Her dream was to experience live music with a group of like-minded friends, an ambition that we all can relate to. So we embarked on a unique journey to give her an unforgettable #First concert.

The digital ageing cellar is a brand content platform disguised as a service platform.

The ageing experience that comes with Grand Prestige is how we get beer lovers interested, the 6-year long content distribution is how we keep them engaged with the brand.

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