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Volkswagen ID.3 Campaign

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New Volkswagen campaign: Taking care of the future and yourself

With the arrival of the ID Family, Volkswagen wants to make electric driving accessible to everyone. Electric driving is the best choice for the future and Volkswagen Group is fully committed to electric with their new international 'way to zero' strategy. The mission of the German car manufacturer is to be a completely CO2-neutral company by 2050. After all, we all want a better world for ourselves and our children. But in the end people decide on what’s good for them now. With this campaign we show that we as a brand understand the tension between choosing for the future and choosing for yourself. 

The 100% electric ID.3. A Volkswagen for the future. And a bit for yourself.

An electric Volkswagen is in every aspect a car for the future. More sustainable, more innovative and more reliable. So, when you drive an electric Volkswagen you’re doing good for the future. But also for yourself.


When kids are playing with toy cars they imitate the sounds. This goes together with lots of noise. Slowly driving their parents - who are in these times more at home than ever - mad. Luckily that’s about to change with the new fully electric cars from Volkswagen. “Vroom vroom” will soon be history in the living room.

Especially for children and their parents, Volkswagen has developed a toy version of the ID.3. This self-made ID.3 has the leading role in the entire campaign. On TV and through all social channels, Volkswagen calls on enthusiasts to pick up this ‘make your own’ toy car. Together with their parents, kids can turn the building kit into a driving ‘ID.3tje’. After they’ve taken a look in the showroom of course. 

The campaign includes a TV commercial, online videos, social content, a collaboration with influencers and a dealer activation.

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