Brand Positioning

& Identity

We strive to create memorable brands that live and are loved across your full customer journey, as every interaction is another opportunity to build something.

Sure the world is rapid-changing and more complex than ever. All the more reason to create a strong foundation for your brand and business that guides decision making and is represented in each and every interaction in a concise, memorable and distinctive way.

What we do

Brand positioning

We create your brand’s story and role translated in a way that it becomes a guiding document for every activity you undertake. Not just for your brand identity and tone of voice, but steering decision making across your business.

Brand voice

Your tone of voice and copy can become one of the most important distinctive elements of a brand, across all aspects of communication and digital products and platforms. We take special care and pride in crafting your voice and making sure it comes through loud and clear anywhere you interact with your customers.

Brand identity

The final piece of your brand’s foundation is of course the visual look and feel which we will always design tailored specifically for your user journey and touchpoints.


Our Principles

For creating single minded distinctive brands that people love and remember.

Clarity creates character

We help companies become less all-over-the-place and more focused. Because the clearer you are, the better the world will understand what you bring to the table.

Belief meets behaviour

We believe your brand can be your guiding light that shines through in all your actions and guides your decision making.

Adaptive brand systems

We create brand systems that touch all areas of life on and offline, and have the ability to adapt and optimize fluidly.

Like what you see?

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Head of Positioning & Identity
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Sven Vening
Managing Director
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